Experience the Comfort and Affordability of These Best Italy NH Hotels

Italy, a prominent country on the world map, has attracted many travelers due to its culture, art, fashion, beauty, architecture, and more. We all want to spend a vacation in such a place to enjoy staying and traveling. So why would you not choose Italy? If you have already decided that Italy is your next vacation destination, then booking a hotel full of necessities and facilities is paramount for you.  

In this blog, we will show you the best Italian hotels offered by NH Hotel Group and the facilities, prices, and savings offered to them. So stay tuned with us!

What is NH Hotels Group? 

Before discussing further things, let some lighten the NH Hotels Group. By reading its name, it`s finely shows that it`s a Hotel agency founded in 1978. From corporate reputation to sustainability, this platform has earned various reputable awards. It comes with a clear vision that they will provide quality performance and satisfaction through their services.

An Abundance of Hotels Choices as Per Various Regions

We can evaluate the comprehensiveness of hotel choices that they provide 357 hotels around 33 countries. Whether you`re seeking a perfect hotel in Africa or Asia or on the search nearest or for a specific month, NH Hotel Groups is always here to assist you. Other than they also care about business people and comfort them by offering the best hotel for business travelers.

Enjoy Italian Elegance at the Top NH Hotels in Italy

Want to have an unforgettable stay in Italy? Look no further! We have brought the best Italian hotel presented by NH Hotel Group, which gives you comfortable vibes and makes you feel like you`re staying at your own home. Because their hotels have the finest packages of all the essential and luxurious amenities and rooms, without which our daily life might be difficult.

The best part is that their Italian hotels are nearest to the tourist and strategic points, enabling you to enjoy Italy`s beauty without wasting time searching for the best places to visit this country.

These are the Italian hotel categories based on various cities.

  1. Hotels on the Amalfi Coast

  2. Hotels in Caltagirone

  3. Hotels in Florence

  4. Hotels in Genoa

  5. Hotels in La Spezia

  6. Hotels in Pisa

  7. Hotels in Ravenna

  8. Hotels in Savona

  9. Hotel in Rome

  10. Hotel in Siena

  11. Hotel in Padua

  12. Hotel in Venice

  13. Hotel in Turin

Avani Rio Novo Venice Hotel, In Venice

This hotel, also called NH Venezia Rio Nova, is a luxurious and comfortable place to stay in Venice. This hotel contains the finest design with 144 comfortable rooms, a floor-to-ceiling window to see the natural views of Italy, a permit for dogs and cats, junior suits, a special XL room for a big family, and many more. The best part of this hotel is that it is close to Santa Lucia train station, Grand Canal, and Vaporetto stops, making your trip easier.

Amenities in This Hotel

  1. Free Wi-Fi

  2. Facilities of special people

  3. Air Conditioning Environment

  4. Gym

  5. Meeting Rooms

Cost Prices of This Hotel

If you are booking a room at this hotel now, it costs 322.20 EUR with a 10% discount.

Tivoli Portopiccolo Sistiana Resort

Suppose you want to savor the luxurious feeling; Tivoli Portopiccolo Sistiana Resort is the reliable solution. It is based on the elegant Italian style and is located within a private bay on the eastern coast of Friuli Venezia Giulia. This hotel has around 58 modern rooms, with a balcony or terrace to sew sea view tides.

Facilities in This Hotel

  1. On-site Parking

  2. Pets permits (€25 per Day)

  3. Baby Sitter

  4. Spa and Gym

  5. Pool and Celebration corners

  6. Shuttle

Prices for 1 Room

If you are on a sole travel, then the room at this hotel will cost you 236.00 EUR per night, in which you will get one king bed, 32m2 room space with rain effect shower and bathrobe facilities.

Way to Save Big on Italy Hotels

Who does not want a discount on hotel booking? That`s why we also have a solution for cutting the prices of Italian hotels: the use of NH Hotel Coupon Codes. By using them, you will get amazing saving chances.